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    In this regard, rather than Satan, it might be more helpful to compare Hitler to the Antichrist, which is to say: to a mirror Messiah, of reversed moral polarity. There was even an empty tomb. Hitlerism, neutrally conceived, therefore, is less a pro-Nazi ideology than a universal faith, speciated within the Abrahamic super-family, and united in acknowledging the coming of pure evil on earth. Whilst not exactly worshipped (outside the extraordinarily disreputable circles already ventured into), Hitler is sacramentally abhorred, in a way that touches upon theological ‘first things’. If to embrace Hitler as God is a sign of highly lamentable politico-spiritual confusion (at best), to recognize his historical singularity and sacred meaning is near-mandatory, since he is affirmed by all men of sound faith as the exact complement of the incarnate God (the revealed anti-Messiah, or Adversary), and this identification has the force of ‘self-evident truth’. (Did anybody ever need to ask why the reductio ad Hitlerum works?)

    Conveniently, like the secularized neo-puritanism that it swallows, (aversive) Hitlerism can be safely taught in American schools, at a remarkably high level of religious intensity. Insofar as progressive or programmatic history continues, this suggests that the Church of Sacred Hitlerite Abomination will eventually supplant its Abrahamic predecessors, to become the world’s triumphant ecumenical faith. How could it not? After all, unlike vanilla deism, this is a faith that fully reconciles religious enthusiasm with enlightened opinion, equally adapted, with consummate amphibious capability, to the convulsive ecstasies of popular ritual and the letter pages of the New York Times. “Absolute evil once walked amongst us, and lives still …” How is this not, already, the principal religious message of our time? All that remains unfinished is the mythological consolidation, and that has long been underway.

    Nick Land

    Stefan George

    The Anti-Christ

    “He comes from the mountain, he stands in the grove!
    Our own eyes have seen it: the wine that he wove
    From water, the corpses he wakens.”

    O could you but hear it, at midnight my laugh:
    My hour is striking; come step in my trap;
    Now into my net stream the fishes.

    The masses mass madder, both numbskull and sage;
    They root up the arbours, they trample the grain;
    Make way for the new Resurrected.

    I’ll do for you everything heaven can do.
    A hair-breadth is lacking – your gape too confused
    To sense that your senses are stricken.

    I make it all facile, the rare and the earned;
    Here’s something like gold (I create it from dirt)
    And something like scent, sap, and spices –

    And what the great prophet himself never dared:
    The art without sowing to reap out of air
    The powers still lying fallow.

    The Lord of the Flies is expanding his Reich;
    All treasures, all blessings are swelling his might …
    Down, down with the handful who doubt him!

    Cheer louder, you dupes of the ambush of hell;
    What’s left of life-essence, you squander its spells
    And only on doomsday feel paupered.

    You’ll hang out your tongues, but the trough has been drained;
    You’ll panic like cattle whose farm is ablaze …
    And dreadful the blast of the trumpet.

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